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we are fireside communications

  Fireside Communications specializes in improving workplace communication. As a woman-owned advisory, we help mid-sized organizations elevate their employee communication with customized solutions.

Our expertise can assist with everyday decisions and strategic planning, always tying back to measurable objectives. With a deep understanding of what resonates with people, we ensure your goals are achieved. Trust Fireside to help you navigate the challenges of modern communication and succeed.

Nurturing Manager Communications

We develop tools and provide coaching to support manager-employee engagement.

Clearing the Clutter

We help sort, map, define and, in some cases, reposition channels so each works harder.

Refreshing Strategy

We evaluate your current strategy and operations and recommend quick wins and long-term improvements.

Sharing Tough News

We craft key messages and create roadmaps to navigate situations with empathy and care.

we’re in it, together.

Our experienced team can guide you through any challenge with confidence. We obsess over quality and pay attention to the details that matter to ensure every project exceeds your expectations. Employee communications is our expertise, but we also bring a strong, integrative point of view from our well-rounded experience in marketing and communications.

Luana Hancock

Internal Communications Advisor

Luana gets to the heart of a brand’s story and skillfully crafts content and programs to transcend internal and external audiences. Her career representing global brands spans more than two decades of in-house and agency roles in corporate communications, marketing and public relations.

Kim Wroblewski

Internal Communications Advisor

Drawing on 17 years of global communications experience, Kim builds and executes high-quality change, employee, and executive communications programs to build engaged workplaces and support business growth in a fast-paced, changing world.


Our experience in leading and implementing successful communication programs spans various sectors and brands, both in-house and agency side. With our diverse expertise, you can rest assured that we have the skills and knowledge to help your business achieve its communication goals.

* In partnership with Westmeath

Why we are different

Convening fireside for conversation is a primal human experience that transcends time and culture.

Our company name honors the tradition of storytelling as a way of building community and advancing ideas. We believe sound strategy and relatable stories compel people to act.

After recognizing a market need for smaller, agile communications agencies specializing in both external and internal communication, we founded Fireside Communications in 2019.

We’re seasoned internal, external, and marketing communications leaders uniquely positioned to help you unearth stories and shape communications programs to tell them to the right people.

Together with clients, we focus on fundamentals that have always connected people to achieve great things together: setting goals, making plans to achieve them, sharing experiences, telling stories, and inspiring resiliency in the face of change. 

Let’s chat.

We understand trust and chemistry are important to successful partnerships. That’s why we offer complimentary, 30-minute fireside chats for anyone who is searching for the right partner or may not have a budget yet. During our chat, we’ll assess your situation, provide helpful tips, and suggest next steps.

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